About the project

  • Contact Details: Phila Ngidi
    083 375 9449
  • Client: Nisawiz Poultry (Pty) Ltd
  • Category: Egg Production
This black female owned farm is used for mixed farming (citrus and pomegranate fruit trees, 1 000 egg layers, broilers, vegetable and a few livestock). A poultry abattoir was refurbished and equipped by ADA for a maximum throughput of 5 000 birds per day. The ADA provided the farm with layer cages, egg grading equipment and tray wrapping equipment, as well as fencing and electrification. The abattoir has been commissioned and is operational. The farm has three full-time employees and five agricultural students doing in-service training for 18 months. Six more workers have been acquired due to the increase in layer production capacity.