About the project

  • Category: Milk Production
This is a black female owned dairy and beef production farm with the objective to establish a sustainable dairy farming business. ADA drew up an infrastructural assessment and improvement plan to help the farm operate at optimal levels. ADA further assisted the farm with the major requirements related to building a new dairy and calf housing, improving stock watering, installation of centre pivots and improve mechanisation. The farm is currently milking 86 cows, twice a day and are producing 1600 litres of milk in two days. The farm has a 178 beef herd. The farm has a contract with Nestle’ to purchase its’ milk and are paid on a monthly basis. The farm also sells its’ beef cattle at the local auction on a regular basis. The farm currently employs 13 workers permanently in which four are females. Seasonal employment can reach up to seven additional employees when required.