About the project

  • Contact Details: Mrs Mthembu 073 619 9607
  • Client: Amatshitshi Oqobo Co–operative
  • Category: Egg Production
Amatshitshi Oqobo, a black female owned co-operative is a poultry farm that was established through the background of addressing the challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment with the aim to establish a sustainable egg production business. The ADA initiated its intervention by providing training and capacity building, then the construction of 10 000 layer structure, procurement of pullets (point of lay), layer feed and vet services, drilling of borehole and water supply as well as electrification. Mentorship is also provided through ADA’s intervention to ensure success and sustainability. This project has entered into an off-take agreement with Nu Dawn Eggs Company to buy all their eggs. An estimated number of six jobs is to be created when the project is fully operational.