I, on behalf of my business UNGQO Products would like to extend my appreciation and thank you for your generous support and assistance you have contributed towards the success of UNGQO Products.

I have gained sufficient knowledge, motivated, exposure which I will certainly portray in my daily life and as well to my business improvement.

I have also explored and marketed my product to the hotel (Premier Hotel); this wouldn’t have been possible without the guidance and support that ADA has granted me.

I value all the support ADA provided us during the Smart Procurement Exhibition 2019, free accommodation, travelling, courier service to deliver our products from and to the relevant areas free of charge.

Without your involvement and generosity as from the 29th June 2016, I would not be able to aim high and reach my potential and from that date there are number of things that I had achieved like: –

  • Factory – ADA wrote a letter requesting the relevant organisation to assist UNGQO Products to secure the suitable working place since I was working in my kitchen and garage to manufacture our products.
  • ADA referred me to SEDA – Where they had assisted me with (strategic plan development – R25, 000.00, Rebranding – R30, 000 and continue participating on their programmes.
  • Attended exhibitions took place DBN, JHB, Cape Town and Local exhibition through ADA assistance.
  • Market Access – Today my products are distributed in various areas around KZN, Eastern Cape, DBN mentioned but the few. Assisted by ADA to secure markets
  • My product range has increased since ADA organised several workshops where we are give chance to network with other business people and platform to introduce our businesses to potential customers.
  • Provides us with relevant Training like SABS (HACCP Management and auditing), aquaculture, mentioned but the few.