Dear Ms R Dlamini

As Nelzamk Foods we would like to thank ADA for the opportunity granted to us the experience we have never been exposed to. We learned a lot from the conference and from the exhibitions we made the sales but the exposure to the buyers, the funders, distributors as I for one I managed to get an investor who is interested into funding my kitchen,

To top it up I don’t know how I would have managed to go to Johannesburg for a meeting with Pick n Pay but since the trip was on I managed to sit with their buyer on Thursday the 19th of September 2019 and I got the positive feedback from them as they are interested to product since I don’t have a HCCP certified kitchen they are willing to put me in their small business development program while testing the market as well,  for me it is a great achievement.

Nelzamk Foods process frozen meals we have frozen cream potato in five flavours that has been tested by Sana assisted by ADA, on our range we have added the frozen cream madumbe in five flavours as the second product,  well the response was extremely overwhelming people really enjoyed our product but the madumbe were the best seller, others was their first time experience. I ended up having a company that is willing to distribute our product in the Eastern cape covering East London Umtata and Port Elizabeth, we got another one covering the whole of KZN we also got a madumbe farmer that’s farms all seasons,  we are looking forward working with them. The conference and exhibition really gave us the exposure as it was our first time attend it we highly appreciate .

Warm Regards

Nelisiwe Mkhize