Our Services

Knowledge & Information Services

These include design and dissemination of agribusiness models, agribusiness training modules and business leadership development

Financial Resources Mobilisation

These include targeted development finance and investments

Agri-business Facilitation Services

These include connecting agribusiness entrepreneurs to information, innovations, technologies, and markets.

Agri-Business Market Infrastructure Services

These include agribusiness capacity and systems development and investments in infrastructure.



Finance & Administration

Purpose: This programme is focussed on promoting an effective and efficient administration of the ADA by promoting good governance towards implementing effective management systems thereby achieving improved audit outcomes. In ensuring this improvement, capacitating staff remains a priority with all staff attending various needed trainings and new board of trustees being appointed.

Comprehensive Capacity Building

Purpose:The aim of this programme is to enhance the knowledge and skill of beneficiaries and other role players in the agribusiness sector. In the 2020-21 financial year we have planned to train 360 individuals from all our projects and prospective agri-entreprenuers.

Enterprise & Value Chain Development

Purpose: This programme is aimed at creating institutional reforms and incentive to unlock business opportunities and help create financially productive and self-sustaining black agribusiness enterprises in the province. Value chain and enterprise development are required to deliver a product to the market and focuses on linking our beneficiaries to the market as well as ensuring that products were of the standard required for off-take to unlock agribusiness opportunities across the entire value chain.

Infrastructure Development

Purpose: This programme is aimed at building infrastructure and releasing constraints for the development of enterprises in the infrastructure arena. The investment in agricultural infrastructure ensures the greater participation in the agriculture entire value chain.