About the project

  • Contact Details: Mrs L Ngubane 076202 0828 lindongubane @gmail.com
  • Client: TSAR BEEF (LRSA Projects)
  • Category: Beef Production
TSAR Beef is a 100% female owned beef production farm. ADA assisted the farm with 81 breeding stock, the construction of the feedlot, provision of 200 beef weaners for the feedlot, animal feeds and vet supplies and procurement of animal feed mixer as well as security upgrades. The farmer is building up the beef herd through breeding heifers and bulls to reduce the reliance on bought in weaners for the feedlot, thereby also increasing profits. A market has been established with the local Abattoir in Kokstad. Other possible markets include Cowboy Abattoir in Donnybrook for any animals unable to be absorbed by the Kokstad abattoir. The farm had employed 6 people before the ADA intervention and there are 7 new jobs to be created.