About the project

  • Contact Details: Bekukwazi Magubane 082 817 2198/ 072 626 5172 bimaguban@gmail.com
  • Client: Siyaphambili Tannery
  • Category: Skins and Hides
The project owners of Siyaphambili Agricultural Co-operative comprises 9 adult (non- youth) beneficiaries with a majority female ownership (5 females). The cooperative’s principal business is leather tanning. The enterprise purchases hides and skins from local abattoirs and the public, processes them through different mechanical and chemical processes and produces leather. Their primary product is raw Nguni hides and secondary products are traditional leather goods e.g Beshus etc. The Agribusiness Development Agency has assisted the cooperative with the refurbishment of the building housing the processing facility, admin building, production inputs (chemicals and hides) and training in the operational/tanning aspects of the business. The ADA also assisted the project with market access information. Seven employment opportunities will be created because of the ADA intervention, the operations of this tannery are still relatively new, the business has not built the capacity to satisfy the corporate market hence the leather and other goods are currently sold to the general public.