About the project

  • Contact Details: Mr Sithole 072 878 8344
  • Client: Free M Family Trust
  • Category: Red Meat Value Chain
This youth owned and managed business specializes in beef production and processing which includes an abattoir, processing facility and butchery. The ADA intervention includes the Provision of 400 beef weaner animals for the feedlot, animal feeds and vet supplies, drilling of a borehole and installation of water storage tank for water supply to the feedlot and farm. Procurement of meat processing equipment for the new meat processing facility, construction of animal holding pens and installation of CCTV security system. The abattoir and meat processing facility has a capacity of slaughtering and processing eight animals per day. These animals are slaughtered to supply their butchery and ‘shisanyama’ as well as other retailers in the locality. The farm currently employs 16 workers permanently and seasonal employment can reach up to ten additional employees when required.